2014 Winter Olympics Wrap Up

The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, have ended. As has happened in all the modern Winter Olympic competitions, the USA fared well, with a few disappointments mixed in. Also, as usual in athletic events, the lows seem more impactful than the highs. Fortunately, with time the victories usually become more important than the defeats.

The Scorecard

While the host county, Russia, won the medal count, with 33 medals, including 13 golds, the USA finished a strong second, with 28 medals, including 9 that were the color gold. Norway finished a close third with 11 golds, as part of their 26 medals.

Some USA highs included teenager Mikaela Shiffrin taking gold in the women’s slalom, Sage Kostenburg taking the first gold of the 2014 Winter Olympics, along with Davis and White earning the ice-dancing gold medal for the first time in 38 years for the US.

USA disappointments included the women’s hockey team losing to Canada in the championship game and the men’s team eliminated by Canada, 1-0, in the semi-finals. The primary controversy was American-born snowboarder, Vic Wild, winning gold for Russia in parallel slalom snowboarding.

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