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“Dallas Buyers Club” Highlights AIDS Awareness

Rarely does a commercial movie spur serious discussion and awareness of a life-threatening illness. However, the new Matthew McConaughy/Jennifer Garner movie, “Dallas Buyers Club,” does just that. As the World AIDS Awareness Day approaches (December 1, 2013), many believe this killer disease should fuel discussion about healthy lifestyles and avoidance of HIV. According to,

Celebrate Hanukkah with Us!

If you are looking to create a new holiday celebration or participate in time honored family traditions, tune in and discover what tips others in our area are planning to do for their holiday gatherings this year. We are looking forward to bringing you the best new ideas for your holiday feast as well as

The History of Thanksgiving

Did you know that the first Thanksgiving in America wasn’t really a celebration of thanks? Did you further know that it was a three day celebration that was attended by nearly twice as many Native Americans as Pilgrims? It is just a few of the generally unknown tidbits about the history of Thanksgiving. The 1621

Native American Heritage Month

Every Thanksgiving in the U.S., people acknowledge the interaction between the pilgrims and the Indians, and their cooperation during those first years. Since August 3, 1990, the month of November has been recognized as National American Indian Heritage Month. This is a time to recognize the rich cultural heritage, history and essential contributions American Indians have

Great American Smokeout 2013

If there was ever a time to ‘kick the habit’ when it comes to smoking or using other tobacco-related products, now is the time. The Great American Smokeout 2013 takes place on November 21, 2013. The Great American Smokeout 2013 is a nationwide event held by the American Cancer Society that is designed specifically to

Who Has Maria Sanchez Interviewed Lately?

Good day, and thanks for stopping by! As a longtime resident of Southern CA and a mother of four, I have always had a very special place in my heart for special interest stories which highlight inspirational people and places in and around this beautiful country we call home. Having been taught from a young

Jeremy Seifert Explores the Controversy of GMO Foods in “GMO OMG”

Consumers are becoming more aware of the use of genetically modified organisms, or GMO for short, in their food supply, and they don’t like it. The idea of ingesting a food that has been altered through genetic manipulation is unsettling as there is no long-term data available on just how these alterations affect the body.