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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Celebrate Man’s Best Friend: September is National Guide Dog Month!

The month of September is a celebration of guide dog contributions in the United States. It began in 2008 when actor Dick Van Patten was inspired by the training and intelligence of guide dogs. It was designed as a way to raise appreciation, awareness, and support for United States’ guide dog schools. Training a guide

Take Charge of Your Prostate Health: September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month!

There is no better time than September to help the men in our lives celebrate a world with more birthdays. During Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, it’s a perfect time to encourage your sons, fathers and grandfathers to talk with their health care providers about prostate cancer, in order to make informed decisions about their prostate

Changes to the Maria Sanchez Show

“You can’t keep a good woman down.” Isn’t that the saying? I certainly can’t say that I ever felt “down” while working on The Maria Sanchez Show for LA Talk Radio, but I will admit to occasionally feeling penned in. There are only so many hours available for any particular broadcast on talk radio, and

Flag Etiquette: Treating the American Flag with Respect

It’s difficult to look upon Old Glory without feeling something akin to patriotism. The American flag represents who we are today, but also celebrates all the men and women who fought so hard to make our country what it is. As frequent listeners to The Maria Sanchez Show can attest, patriotism is a favored topic. One small