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Our Community House of Hope

As part of our support for community-funded organizations offering positive contributions, I’d like to tell you about the good works done by Our Community House of Hope. Totally community-funded, OCHH, serves end-of-life people and their families at no cost. The first Our Community House of Hope opened in Thousand Oaks, CA, in March 2012. OCHH

Olympic Medalist Rafer Johnson Joins Maria Sanchez

I will admit; there have been moments while working on The Maria Sanchez Show when I have simply stopped and soaked in the experience. I have had the honor of interviewing some truly remarkable people. Olympic Medalist Rafer Johnson is one such person. A world-class former decathlete, Mr. Johnson won a gold medal in the

Michel Shane Joins Maria Sanchez

It is fair to say that Michel Shane has been through hell. Shane is one of those men who will not allow his personal pain to shut him down though, to cut him off from doing something positive. Although it’s been three years since Emily Shane, his 13-year-old daughter, was killed as she walked along

Honeybee Population Declining and Its Devastating Effects

Most of us probably think of bees as annoying, buzzing insects with frightening stingers that we tolerate because of the delicious, sweet honey they produce. But bees do more than sting and make honey. They are responsible for pollinating as much as a third of our crops: including “apples, oranges, melons, broccoli, even alfalfa used to feed

National Hispanic Heritage Month

Celebrate Hispanic history during National Hispanic Heritage Month, which is September 15 to October 15. Here at the Maria Sanchez Show, we are looking forward to showing appreciation for Hispanic culture. This month gives those in the U.S. the chance to celebrate those with ancestry from Central and South America, the Caribbean, Mexico and Spain.

Hoping it Never Happens, Planning for if it Does: National Preparedness Month

September is National Preparedness Month. Although we hope it never strikes us, being prepared for disaster is an important part of keeping your family safe and healthy. Most people have heard the basics of disaster preparedness many times, so the efforts of agencies like the CDC are now focused on educating people about things that

Patriot Day 2013: A Day to Remember

We Americans have been through some memorable days together — December 7, 1941 and November 22, 1996, to name just two. We identify those particular dates closely to the events that took place to set them apart. The dates become part of our shared history as U.S. citizens and each represents something important about our