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Circumcision Correspondent Steve Svoboda: Non-surgical Circumcision

Our Circumcision Correspondent Steven Svoboda joined me for a discussion about a topic that affects boys and their parents worldwide – male circumcision. Svoboda is a writer, founder of the Berkeley based vegetarian Bus Stop Co-op, human rights lawyer, and founder of the California-based organization, Attorneys for the Rights of the Child, the only legal practice dedicated

Merriam-Webster Dictionary: The Most Searched Words

At the beginning of each month, we have Peter Sokolowski Editor at Large for Merriam-Webster as our guest. Peter is our Word of the Month Correspondent and we talk about the most searched words for the prior month. The results are always interesting. With one and a half BILLION searches every year, it is a

The Farm to Fork Philosophy

Foodies and organic food lovers will appreciate a double-dose of interesting food philosophies and movements with two food-based podcasts. Find out how the surge in organic food consumers, foodies and the local food movement have resulted in a younger average demographic and a membership increase of California Grange chapters. For those of you not familiar,

The Maria Sanchez Show Touches on Islamic Extremists

With rebels linked to Islamic terrorist group al-Quaida urging Somalian parents to avoid having their children inoculated for polio, the World Health Organization acknowledges that the country that was once polio free, now has cases of polio. Members of Al-Shabab, a group of Islamic extremists, are telling parents that polio vaccinations are part of a

A Novel Twist on Speed Dating

Have you ever wondered about the concept of speed dating? This can be an alternative to or used in addition to niche singles events as a way to help you meet other singles in your area. For our June 7th episode, we covered the concept of speed dating, even talking to the founder of “On Speed

Had too Much to Drink and Can’t Get Home? Your New Solution!

Even with a designated driver, there is always a risk of not having a ride home at the end of the night. Lounge and restaurant owners admit that 40% of designated drivers will often imbibe, jeopardizing their sobriety. Any indulgence can increase the risk of a DUI or an accident. A new solution available to

Fracking: Economic Boom or Environmental Disaster?

There’s been a great deal of discussion recently over the issue of hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking.” On June 18, our guest was Patrick Sullivan, from the Center for Biological Diversity, a non-profit environmental group. Then on June 21, our guest was Tupper Hull, Vice President of Communications for Western States Petroleum Association, a public policy