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Leading Women Motorcycle Riders of the 20th Century

Women motorcycle riders in the early years of the two-wheeled vehicle and well before talk radio were scarce and uncommon, but there were a few. Avis and Effie Hotchkiss were famous in 1915 for traveling 9,000 miles on one of Harley-Davidson’s motorcycles with a sidecar in 1915. By the 1920s Harley had decided to respond

Check Out Talkers Magazine’s Story on Maria Sanchez!

Thursday, May 9, 2013 If You Haven’t Already Visited Today, Here’s Some of What You’re Missing… Internet Talk Station, LA Talk Radio, Continues to Grow – Adds Maria Sanchez to Daily Line Up.  Veteran talk radio host Maria Sanchez is now part of the growing LA Talk Radio team as the host of her own daily

The Maria Sanchez Show Now Available on iTunes!

Did you oversleep and miss the latest updates from The Maria Sanchez Show? No worries… The Maria Sanchez show is now available on iTunes!  For access to the latest episodes, and the ability to download past shows, all you have to do is subscribe to the show by searching for ‘The Maria Sanchez Show’ in the

California Wine and Jazz Festival: May 19, 2013

California Wine and Jazz Festival in Thousand Oaks, California will be taking place on May 19, 2013 from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. This jazz and wine extravaganza is a “not to be missed” event, which promises great wine, great food, great music and a chance to mingle with your friends and family. There will


Tune-in to The Maria Sanchez Show to hear the latest news and information on current events with the former KFI AM 640 talk radio host from 9:00 am to 9:50 am Monday through Friday (Westlake, CA) Veteran talk radio host Maria Sanchez is now part of the LA Talk Radio team as the host of

The Maria Sanchez Show Talks Relationships

Recently, Dr. Bonnie, the #1 love doctor in the world, was on The Maria Sanchez Show to discuss how to keep the love alive. She maintains that adultery is indeed the forgivable sin. It’s always a challenge, but here are some tips on how to strengthen your relationship. Remember that love changes over time. You’re

Mother’s Day: It’s the Thought That Counts

What does a mom enjoy on her special day of the year? That is a question that many are asking themselves and trying to figure out what to do for Mother’s Day this year. Mother’s Day is the one day that you can go all out and honor the mother in your life. She may